JPRO Professional 2019 v1

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JPRO® Professional Diagnostic Software with NextStep™
Includes all features in JPRO® Professional Diagnostics Software.
Also, includes the following features:
• Integrates with Noregon’s NextStep™ NET.
o View troubleshooting information, wiring diagrams and step-bystep
repair procedures for a fault with one click in JPRO®
Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics.
o Enhanced integration features from the troubleshooting repair
▪ View fault related data while simultaneously viewing repair

▪ Clear faults to verify the repair without leaving the NextStep™


JPRO Professional 2019 v1

JPRO® Professional Diagnostic Software Includes the following
✓ General Features
✓ JPRO® Heavy-Duty Features
✓ JPRO® Medium-Duty Features
✓ Education and Troubleshooting Features
✓ Reporting Features ✓ Integration Features
✓ Configuration Features
✓ Product Support Features
✓ All Makes, All Models Coverage:
Heavy-Duty Features:



▪ Access Bi-Directional functionality directly from the
troubleshooting repair view.
o Works on vehicle without requiring a VIN.
o Engines and Aftertreatment systems are currently supported.
o Regular content updates to add more fault and component
• Automatically link to troubleshooting guides for Wabco, Bendix
and Haldex brakes as well as Eaton transmissions.
• Supports heavy-duty and Ford medium-duty engine and
aftertreatment faults.





Search now available on the

Aftertreatment Diagnostics data grid

to quickly identify parameters of


Education and Troubleshooting


Enhancements to the Virtual Truck

feature which now illustrates a

common brake issue with Wabco

Industry Terms definitions available

from the Fault Grid, NextStep window,

and the Data Monitor window.
Link to Noregon’s library of

training videos
Additional Bi-Directional Support for

Cylinder Cut Out now supports

GHG17 with Software Version ✓

App_2104 ✓ App_2105 ✓ App_2107
DPF Service Regen now supports

GHG17 with Software Version ✓

App_2104 ✓ App_2105 ✓ App_2107
DEF Quantity Test now supports

GHG17 with Software Version ✓

App_2104 ✓ App_2105 ✓ App_2107
Additional Bi-Directional Support for

KOER Air Management Test now

supports EPA 13 Maxxforce 7 engines

and N9 and N10 engines
Additional Bi-Directional Support

for Wabco
Enable/Disable ATC (Automatic

Traction Control) for HPB brakes and

all pneumatic braking systems
Memorized Components Reset

all pneumatic and hydraulic braking

Additional Bi-Directional Support

for Ford
Power Balance Test for 2008 –

2018 6.4L diesel engines and 2011 –

2018 6.7L diesel engines
Set EGR Position for 2011 –

2018 6.7L diesel engines
Set EGR Throttle for 2011 –

2018 6.7L diesel engines