Liebherr Documentation EMT&DOC&LIDOC Online 2021

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Liebherr Documentation EMT&DOC&LIDOC Online 2021

– Liebherr Service Documentation Earthmoving (English and German) Updated 14.12.2021
– Liebherr Service Documentation Components (COT) (German Only) Updated 14.12.2021
– Lidoc (Service Information) Updated 14.12.2021
– Adobe Acrobat Plugin (required to open some PDFs)
– Shortcuts for your Desktop already configured to open with Internet Explorer (Regardless your Default browser selection)
– Some simple fancy Icons

– Adobe Acrobat Reader (Any Version)
– Internet Explorer (It was the only Browser that worked properly with Adobe Acrobat Plugin)
– Liebherr Lidos (any Version) with Security Client activated (at least Documentation eg: Lidos_EMT_Doc; Lidos_COT_Doc)